“I just need more willpower to lose weight.”

Have you ever said this to yourself? We hear you and we’ve been there! For years you were told that your lack of self-control and willpower were the reasons weight loss was so hard. Listen up, friends. You’re not lazy or weak. Emerging research suggests that willpower is not what leads to weight loss and maintenance.

We can hear your collective sighs of relief now. You deserve this break!

You’ve been told for years that if you just don’t eat, you can look like Jennifer Aniston, too! You’ve been promised that if you cut out carbs or subsist on expensive meal replacement shakes, your weight loss dreams will come true. Then you discover that cutting out carbs or living on shakes is not a way of life anyone wants to live. You then become filled with that mean inner voice telling you that you are weak, you are lazy, you don’t want to reach your goals hard enough, etc.

Weight loss can feel impossible

Under these strict guidelines you have placed upon yourself, or that the weight loss industry has placed upon you, it feels like weight loss is impossible. Many of the imbalanced habits and restrictions of popular diets can actually lead to weight gain over time. We promise you that weight loss is possible and achievable!

Willpower is a myth

Willpower is not what leads to weight loss. Making nutritious choices does not mean giving up 100% of your favorite foods. In fact, if you talk with fitness and health experts, many of them also indulge from time to time. Occasional indulgences are all part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, and it can even be part of your weight loss journey. Oftentimes when you feel like your willpower is failing, it is because you are dehydrated, you didn’t eat enough at your last meal leaving you hungry, or you simply may not be getting enough sleep. None of these things make you weak or less worthy of success.

You have choices, not rules

When you find yourself presented with a smorgasbord of food options, you have choices to make, not rules to follow. Part of a healthy lifestyle is making sure you’re getting a wide variety of foods. A good place to focus would be including protein, some carbohydrates, and as many fruits and vegetables. You don’t have to follow any rules. And if there are certain foods that you don’t like (for example, Dr. Sonnenberg hates broccoli), don’t eat that food! There are so many options that there is no need to force-feed yourself something you don’t enjoy eating.

Benefits of appetite control medication

One of our greatest tools as a weight loss clinic here in Utah is being able to prescribe appetite control medication to our patients. This boost can be the very thing that makes your weight loss success take off. Feeling satiated helps you make healthy choices easier which allows you to focus more on other things, rather than using up your mental energy bank on just controlling your appetite. You can channel that saved energy and focus into your exercise routine or simply have an easier time keeping up with the demands of daily life. Many of our patients are able to lose weight using the medication alone!

The reality of weight loss

Life is busy, hectic, and cannot always be completely planned. Weight loss can also be messy. There will be times when you are not able to meet your goals. Each meal is a new opportunity to practice making healthier and balanced choices. As you begin to slowly reshape your habits, you will see success and your confidence will grow. Even if the beginning of your weight loss journey starts with weight maintenance, this is still success! Tell that mean inner voice to hush. You’re not a failure and you’re not alone. You can do this!