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Do you want to know more about Stem Cell Therapy? Please see the questions and answers below. If you have more questions, please ask us by sending us an email.

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Unfortunately orthopedic stem cell therapy is a treatment not yet covered by any insurance providers. Stem cells have shown to have impressive healing potential in various medical applications, however many of those applications are far less proven treatments than what the capabilities of orthopedic stem cell therapy have shown. We absolutely anticipate that stem cell therapy will one day be covered under most insurance providers, however that day is not yet here unfortunately. Read more…

All stem cells are cells in their infancy. The human body naturally produces stem cells throughout the entirety of our lives, and the stem cells extracted for an orthopedic injection have not been aging with a person all along. By using a concentration of the patient’s own naturally produced stem cells, the chance for rejection of the cells is eliminated. Read more…

Just one! If it’s done correctly, one treatment should be all that is ever needed.

There’s more hope than you may think! Many patients are given a “bone-on-bone” diagnosis prematurely, and stem cells can often be the perfect counter-measure to that deterioration of a joint! Even with just a small amount of existing cartilage remaining in a joint can be enough for a patient to potentially see significant improvement. We are always still willing to open our doors for a free consultation for patients who have been told a joint is “bone-on-bone”. Read more…

Patients can usually begin to notice improvement in the joint as soon as three weeks after treatment. Healing will continue for upwards of about six months after treatment, with the majority of the healing taking place during the first three months after the injection.

Naturally produced stem cells are collected and injected directly into a damaged joint. These cells then adapt to their surrounding area, working to rebuild the damaged tissue, reduce pain, and improve functionality of the joint. Essentially, stem cells work to rebuild a damaged area as best they can in line with the original blueprints of the human body.

We often refer to stem cells as the human body’s original construction crew. The cells do their best to repair an area within the original blueprints of the human body, however those original blueprints didn’t account for the years of wear and tear we put on our joints. Nonetheless, the human body is still very resilient. So while a total fresh start for a joint may not necessarily be possible,  a joint’s overall condition can still be greatly improved!

Stem Cell Therapy is a non-surgical, regenerative medicine procedure aimed at helping patients deal with pain and injury from things such as arthritis, cartilage tears, failed surgeries, and more!

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