In this fast-paced life, we find a solution for every problem and implement those to receive the intended benefit, but one problem that has haunted us for centuries, for which we have devised many solutions, but do not implement the same properly, is obesity.

Weight management is one of the crucial aspects of our life, which most of us neglect due to other priorities and commitments. It is not unknown to anyone that being in shape not only affects you physically but also psychologically. Being fit allows you to carry out many activities easily, such as climbing stairs and running, plus it pushes your confidence to one level up.

I am sure most of you would agree that most people start with a fantastic plan to reduce weight, but leave it halfway for some or the other reason. But it’s high time that we begin the journey of losing weight by finding some excellent solution and stick to it. Fast food, desk jobs, lack of physical activities and sedentary lifestyle, all of these together make staying healthy extremely difficult for us, which can lead to dangerous outcomes in future in the form of diseases.

Hence, it is vital to keep a check on the rising weight issues and adopt suitable methods to shed it. But, the biggest question here is how? Those of you who are facing this question and are tired of trying different ways, can now take a sigh of relief as HCG weight loss program is the answer to all your questions.

HCG – Know the Solution

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is a hormone produced in the body of females once they get pregnant. It performs various functions, which help in the growth of the fetus and also stop menstruation till childbirth. Thus, it is an indicator of pregnancy and also a supportive element.

Because of its properties, it is used as a component in fertility drugs and also for inducing ovulation in the ovaries and producing testosterone in the testicles. To obtain it, HCG is either extracted from the urine of the pregnant women or produced with recombinant DNA technology. Patients receiving HCG for treatment pertaining to any of the aforementioned purposes can also be given the same via an injection.

HCG Weight Loss

HCG hormone is also linked with weight loss and can contribute to your efforts of reducing weight. This theory holds true due to the studies undertaken by the British Endocrinologist Albert T. W. Simeons. He mentioned about this in his book “Pounds and Inches”, based on which this HCG solution came into practice.

Over the years, other medical and health experts also conducted researches on this protocol and have given their reviews in affirmation to this theory. Though they have suggested different strategies, the basic idea and approach is the same.

Overview of the Program

HCG weight loss is a comprehensive program comprising of the following elements:

  • Special dietary plans
  • HCG injections

How does it work?

The principle objective behind using HCG injections for reducing weight is that the hormone reprograms your body in such a way that to gain energy, the accumulated fat or adipose is utilized, rather than current food intake. Thus, that excess fat in your body gets burnt in a very simple way.

This injection is given under the skin or into a muscle after which the hormone merges into the blood flow. It is seen that the proper dose of the hormone is given. You must know that this injection is safe and of an appropriate grade.

Insights of the Program

  • Healthy diet

We design the low-calorie diet plan for you, considering the factors such as age, gender, occupation, any specific medical condition, etc., thus ensuring that your body takes only a specific amount of calories every day. By doing this, you can avoid taking extra calories and prevent any further weight gain.

This diet includes certain grains, vegetables, fruits and non-vegetarian sources of food to make sure that you get the required proteins, vitamins and minerals. After all, the motive of the weight loss method should be to become thin and not weak.

Some of the items allowed in this diet are boiled beef, chicken breast, veal, white fish, crab, lobster, shrimp, spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, onion, celery, cucumbers, apple and orange. Any food product that is the direct or indirect source of fat should not be eaten at all, for example, oil, butter, cheese, sugar etc.

  • Reduces fat and hunger

The HCG injection is to be taken on a daily basis, which helps your body use the extra stored fat as an energy source. Your brain sends the signals to your body, which make you feel hungry and in a reaction to it, you start eating. This activity gets restricted to a certain limit, which means your appetite gets suppressed and hence you do not experience food craving every now and then, thereby you do not engage in overeating.

Thus, you get satisfied even in a small quantity of food. The logic behind this can be clearly understood from the fact that it is due to HCG that pregnant ladies have feelings of nausea during early stages of pregnancy cycle.

  • Signs to weight increase

HCG is a pro-hormone, which stimulates growth of hormones in the body. Weight gain is often associated with hormone deficiency or imbalance and hence intake of HCG forbids weight gain.

  • Feel energized and enthusiastic

Also, the energy levels of your body remain intact and in fact increase, due to the special diet and injections.

  • Build muscles

One of the major hindrances faced by the people on any kind of diet or health regime is the loss of muscles. Many of you would have come across cases, where along with fat, people experience decline in muscle mass and strength as well. But, here, the scenario is different. As stated above, HCG helps in mounting hormone levels, which in turn prevents muscle breakdown.

Long way to go

HCG weight loss programs are for either 23 or 45 days and you can opt for it as per your choice. However, it is better to take advice from the experts, since we suggest which one is the best for you depending on the individual circumstances.

I am sure many of you would be wondering “what after that?”, “What if I regain the lost weight?”, “How will I monitor my weight and overall health?” Well, we are here to answer your queries.
Due to the incorrect steps of reducing weight, where muscles also reduce, metabolism gets affected a lot. This impacts the people in such a way that they regain some or all of the weight lost. Sometimes, the situation gets even worse and people become more obese than before. But with HCG, these issues get resolved eventually.

As mentioned earlier, with this method, muscles remain same as earlier and your metabolism is not affected and you do not feel unnecessary cravings for food. Hence, after completion of the program, you do not indulge in over-eating or binge-eating, which ensures long term success of your endeavor. The benefits of the program remain with you forever.

Why only injection?

Well, HCG inserted into the body through injection gets immersed in the blood stream faster. If it is taken through pills, pellets, oral drops, sprays, or any other mode, it gets dissolved into the digestive system, without rendering its effects in the blood.

Hence, if you come across such medicines with HCG, which claim to help you in reducing weight, it is always recommended to stay away from them. To take advantage of numerous benefits of HCG, you should consult only experts for a proper HCG weight loss program.

Final Word

Some of you might be having trouble picturing your body adjusting to these changes, and also might be worried about the negative consequences.

Well, you must know that your body would respond in a positive manner to this program, thus getting benefited in the following ways:

1) Low calorie intake
2) Burning of excessive fat
3) Stay fit and zestful
4) Avoid weight gain during and after the program

Thus, you can now say goodbye to the “spare tire” and other nicknames given to your belly and see it in the most amazing shape ever.

How do we help you?

We strictly believe that “one size does not fit all” and hence we customize the HCG program for every individual.

We study your medical history and conduct necessary tests if required and based on these we prepare the HCG weight loss program for you with specific food items. Therefore, you can be assured to get the most out of this method and welcome new vibrancy in your life. We provide supervision with HCG injections.

Our consultants have rich experience in this field, with which they aim to benefit many more in Utah. They provide valuable knowledge, which helps you even after the programs are over and you can reach to us anytime you want. When our dedication and professionalism meets your willpower and persistence, you are sure to achieve your goal.