If you have been struggling with weight loss, the team at South Valley OrthoMed is ready to help you take back control of your life! At our medical weight loss clinic, right here in Utah, we used evidence-based, effective methods to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Each of our Medical Weight Loss Programs Include:

  • Nutritional coaching & counseling sessions
  • Fat-burning, lipotropic injections filled with vitamins and amino acids
  • Appetite control medication
  • A weight loss program manual with recipes & meal plans
  • Support and encouragement to maximize success

Smash Through That Plateau

We anticipate that you have tried multiple ways to lose extra weight and this is not uncommon!

Our Weight Loss Plans Will Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder

Has your body been stubborn at burning fat despite your best efforts? Our weight loss programs will get your body back into fat-burning mode and get those pounds to budge again.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss

We take pride in the fact that we offer non-surgical weight loss programs. Surgery might feel like a fix-all when it comes to weight loss but the cost of surgery can be nearly $30,000. Insurance may only cover a portion of that cost.

Recovering from surgery is difficult, and many unpleasant side effects can linger for years afterward.

We’ve also encountered many people who received weight loss surgery, lost the extra weight, and then gained all of their weight back. The frustration that many of these people experience is hard to describe. Surgery can be a real life-saver for so many people, and having that option available is important. At our weight loss clinic, we strive to help people lose weight naturally.

The South Valley OrthoMed Difference

Because of our extensive experience and research, our weight loss plans are more than just points.

Our programs offer much more than what you might receive elsewhere, and this is what makes South Valley OrthoMed stand out. The nutritional coaching and counseling sessions will help you overcome binge-eating disorders, emotional eating, and other overeating obstacles. The fat-burning lipotropic injections are filled with vitamins and amino acids which increase your energy and stamina. We give you a prescription for appetite control medication which will help you fight through cravings and break previous habits. Each weight loss plan comes with a program manual filled with recipes and resources to help you maximize your success.

Utah is unique in that it has become a hotbed for booming businesses. Utahns have a reputation for their dedicated work ethic and on-the-go attitude and it becomes easy for poor nutrition, fatigue, and stress to take a toll on our health.

We offer a free, private initial consultation so we can get to know you better. Our staff is knowledgeable and compassionate, and we keep all of your information confidential – our office is HIPAA compliant and we value your privacy.

No Pressure Here

Our free initial consultation takes less than one hour from start to finish, and we can even get you started with your weight loss that same day! We value your time and energy, and we believe that our services should and will enhance your life.

Our wellness specialists do not use judgment, guilt, shame, or pressure to help you make your commitment to weight loss.

We understand that losing weight is a big commitment, and we will set you up for success.

If you would like to think about your decision before signing up, we understand, and we respect that choice. However, we are so confident that our programs will help you drop pounds that all you really have to lose is weight!

Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, give yourself the best chance at weight loss success and contact us today! Submit a request for the free consultation and we will give you a call back. You can also call us or text us at (801) 566-4242. We look forward to hearing from you!

Read What Others Have to Say About Us!

“I had to do the work, but with the support of the staff at South Valley, I was able to make the changes in order to lose weight and keep it off. I learned so much about myself during the process, and about my habits. I was able to make a lifestyle change and I have a lot more energy now.”

“South Valley OrthoMed was a wonderful experience. I am so glad I did this program. Their staff was very helpful and encouraging. It was a great jump start to my fitness journey.”

“I had a herniated disc and gained about 20-30 pounds because I couldn’t do anything. After my surgery, the weight was not coming off. I did the South Valley OrthoMed program and lost 20 pounds. Six weeks later I’ve been working out and eating better and I am down 7 more pounds. I would refer anyone to this program who is struggling to lose weight.”

“I had tried for almost 6 years to lose weight after my last baby. I ran miles and lifted heavy weights, but couldn’t get the scale to budge any more. I used the HCG protocol at South Valley OrthoMed and that extra baby weight was gone within 3 weeks! I couldn’t believe it! And I have been able to keep it off without any trouble. I am SO HAPPY with my results, and I just feel so much more like ME again.”

If you’re ready to finally make the big changes and reach your goals, request a FREE CONSULTATION and we’ll get in touch with you shortly!

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