As we age, everything from genetics to the environment causes us to lose volume in our skin. Dermal fillers, or often just called filler, facial filler, or lip filler, are a gel-like substance that is injected under the skin. Fillers are used to smooth deep under-eye circles, lift cheekbones, plump thin lips, smooth smile lines and creases, and even rejuvenate the hands. They also restore that lost volume which creates a more youthful appearance. While there are many reasons why fillers are such a popular cosmetic procedure, we’re here to tell you about our top five benefits of dermal fillers.

Immediate Results

One of the best benefits of dermal fillers is that the results show up immediately. Do you want fuller lips? You can have them right away! In addition to fast results, fillers have come such a long way toward providing natural-looking results. You can choose a little or a lot which enables you to customize your own unique look.

No Recovery or Downtime

Another benefit of dermal fillers, as opposed to other more invasive cosmetic medical procedures, is there is no recovery or downtime needed. Since fillers are not surgical, there is no scarring or incision to heal up. Depending on which area, the filler injections can be done in minutes! You can even get your filler injections on your lunch break.

Long-Lasting Results

Most dermal filler results last for about 6-12 months, depending on the filler used and the area treated. One benefit to the non-permanence of dermal fillers is that you can change your mind as your preferences change and evolve, too. It’s hard to believe that ultra-thin eyebrows were once all the rage, and the same concept applies to current lip and other facial trends. The opportunities are endlessly customizable with dermal fillers. 

Slows Down Signs of Aging

Emerging research is beginning to show that using filler and Botox at younger ages can slow down the signs of aging from taking hold. Facial injections can help prevent the creases and wrinkles from forming as deeply. Using fillers like Restalyne can increase collagen production in the skin even after the filler has been metabolized by the body. The future of dermal fillers is bright!

Confidence Boost

Our favorite benefit of dermal fillers is the confidence boost that follows the procedure. Fillers look and feel completely natural when performed by a qualified professional. Our patients (and our own staff!) leave their appointments feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. It just feels good to look more like the younger version of ourselves!

At our South Jordan office, we have highly-skilled medical providers who perform dermal filler procedures. Avoid the temptation to save an extra buck by finding an unqualified practitioner or black market filler deal. These injections could be contaminated or harmful. The results you will achieve through the right clinic with the right product will be well-worth every penny! We’ve got the right staff at the right clinic – Call us today or click this link to schedule your free consultation!