Have you been trying hard to lose weight but worry that a hormone imbalance might be preventing your success? Many people share this same concern and there are many reasons why people don’t lose weight easily. Balancing hormones to lose weight is delicate. We’ve compiled a list of the hormones that most frequently interfere with your weight, and what you can do to better balance hormones to lose weight.

Estrogen and Testosterone

Imbalances with estrogen and testosterone can lead to weight problems and fluctuations, reductions, or increases in these hormones are common as we age. Having too much estrogen causes weight gain in both men and women, and an estrogen overload is the main culprit for women having a hard time losing weight. Low testosterone causes men and women to lose muscle and accumulate fat, in addition to experiencing a low sex drive, mental fog, fatigue, and possible bone loss.

Eating a diet filled with green vegetables, fiber from fruits and vegetables, and essential fats can help weight loss and balance hormones. Think healthy fats like avocados or olive oil, and limit your intake of sugar, gluten, dairy, and alcohol.


Another hormonal issue that many people experience troubles with is insulin. We immediately think about diabetes, but all of our bodies produce insulin. Insulin resistance occurs when the cells in our bodies don’t respond or recognize the insulin and can’t use the glucose from our blood for energy. The pancreas has to create more insulin which makes blood sugar levels go up.

Eating a diet of foods that are low on the glycemic index is wonderfully helpful with insulin management, and can also help reduce blood sugar crashes that can cause irritability, sleepiness, or light headedness.


We’ve all heard medical experts warn that we need to reduce our stress levels. High stress can increase the production of cortisol, which is a hormone released during times of stress. Cortisol increases your heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, respiration, and muscle tension. Cortisol can also increase sugar cravings and food addiction, leading to poor food choices and weight gain.

We live in a very go-go-go society where we are praised and proud of our hard work ethic. However, it is important for each of us to slow down from time to time in order to keep our stress levels at a safe and healthy level. Yoga, meditation, relaxation, and even exercise can be hugely helpful with coping with stress. Limiting caffeine consumption is also helpful in reducing stress levels.


Research has shown that there are increasing thyroid problems occurring in both men and women. Low thyroid function, or hyperthyroidism, can be a major roadblock to weight loss. Thankfully low thyroid is easily treatable, and measuring thyroid function is simple and inexpensive. In addition to thyroid testing and medication, probiotics, high-fiber greens, fruits and vegetables, wild-caught fish, coconut oil, and many other foods can help heal your thyroid and restore it to functioning properly.

Balancing Hormones to Lose Weight – The Takeaway

It is important to remember that if our hormones are out of whack, weight loss could be nearly impossible without taking terribly drastic measures. Do you suspect that your hormones are not quite right? There are a lot of options available to you! At our weight loss clinic in South Jordan, we can check your hormone levels for you in order to investigate whether something is off. We are fully-staffed with a physician, a physician assistant, and a registered nurse who are ready to help you take charge of your weight loss. As always, we offer a free consultation so you can sit with our wellness specialist to learn about what we can do to help you lose weight fast and, most importantly, keep it off for good!