Adele. Beautiful, marvelous Adele. We love her music, her style, and while she was every bit as gorgeous and glamorous before, we also really love her inspiring weight loss story! Down about 100 pounds, how did Adele lose all of that weight? Here is what we were able to find out about Adele’s remarkable weight loss transformation!

Exercise for the win

First of all, according to a source who spoke to Us Weekly, Adele wasn’t keen on exercising much but she intensified her workouts in order to improve her stamina while on tour. This increase in exercise also enabled her to shed weight. Adele has been using a combination of pilates and cross-training, including cardio. She found a routine that works for her, which enables her to stick with it. Having a consistent and regular exercise routine is so important for long-term health!

Eating whole foods filled with nutrients

According to People Magazine, Adele followed a strict diet called the Sirtfood Diet. It includes whole, nutrient-rich foods, and lots of juicing. While this may be overly strict for many people, being strict works for so many people! It can cut down on cravings and increase dietary adherence.

Adele wanted to be healthy and she made it happen


This is what it call comes down to. Adele reportedly wanted to be her healthiest and happiest self, and part of that process included cutting down on alcohol, increasing her healthy food intake and exercise. Adele’s confidence has grown, along with her energy and optimism for the future. We are so happy for Adele and her health transformation! Does this mean she will channel her experience into more wonderful music? We hope so!

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