Exercising has gotten a bad rap because for so many years, we used it as punishment for our bodies. Getting fit and healthy does not have to be punitive, and our bodies actually love this kind of activity. To help give exercise a better reputation, we have created a list of 15 ways to get fit while having fun!

Exercise without exercising

Have you ever been on a vacation where you go, go, go the entire time? Say you wake up on a tropical island vacation. You hit the beach, swim in the waves, walk around town shopping, go on day-long excursions, and are moving nearly every moment of the day. Have you ever noticed how GREAT that feels? And how WELL you sleep that night?

On the flip side, when we are not on vacation, many of us are sitting at sedentary desk jobs. We stare at the computer screens all day long and then lay on the sofa staring at our smartphone screens all evening (nobody warned us about how addicting TikTok is). No wonder we are becoming more obese with poorer sleep habits than ever before.

Is there a way to bring more of this daily vacation-type activity into our typically sedentary lifestyles? Can we make the most of our non-work hours in order to add fun, engaging activities that are beneficial for our physical and mental health? I mean, who doesn’t want to feel like they are on vacation more often? Who doesn’t want to feel like being active is fun? We are here for this and we hope you are, too!

Here is a list of 15 ways to get fit while also having fun:

Go for a walk and talk with family or friend(s)

Play a pick-up sport game at a local field or court (pickleball is a huge hit for a reason)

Swim at the community pool

Hike in the mountains (get ready for those amazing views!)

Walk to a nearby diner or cafe for a meal

Hop on the treadmill while scrolling through social media (again, TikTok = addicting!)

Lift some dumbbell weights while binge-watching your favorite shows

Take up a new active hobby like swimming, kayaking, or pilates

Take a ballet, salsa, or other dance class

Visit the local batting cage

Go bowling

Play parkour or ninja warrior at the local playground

Indoor rock climbing (or outdoor if you are able)

Explore workout and movement videos on YouTube (these are highly underrated and there are countless good ones.)

Deep clean part or all of your home

The best part of adding more activities to your regular, non-vacation days is that while you are participating in these activities, it is distracting you from the urge to lay in bed snacking. By adding more activity into your daily routine, you will burn more calories and strengthen your body. You will also have more energy, sleep better, and be making fond memories in the process. It is truly a win-win. 

In addition to becoming more fit and healthy, regular exercise is the best way to avoid weight regain and to combat most kinds of diseases. If you’re new to exercise, you may also want to check out our post about adding exercise to your routine. Give it a try and let us know what you think!