Before and After

Here in our office at South Valley OrthoMed, it’s not unusual for patients to express excitement over progress they’ve made. When the long struggle to achieve weight loss goals finally begins to see significant progression, that excitement really should come as no surprise. Patients come in for their weekly visits feeling better, looking better, and eager to share their excitement with us!

One particular patient went way above and beyond just an excited weekly update. This particular patient took the time to tell us his entire story of what initially helped lead him to us, and where we helped lead him. He sent this to us and gave us permission to share it with everyone else.


My name is Evan and I want to tell you a bit about my weight loss journey over the past couple of months.

To start, a little bit about me; I currently work on a SWAT team for a local law enforcement agency and have been on the team for 18 months now. I have always been a bigger guy going back to my younger years playing sports. I have been living with a fracture in my back for over 15 years now and it gets worse and worse as the years go on. As you can imagine the extra weight I carry around does not help.

I was complaining about my weight to a close friend of mine and she recommended that I try the 6 week weight loss program offered by South Valley OrthoMed. At first I was a little skeptical because of previous diets that I had been on, but after sitting down with the team at South Valley and seeing the program, I decided to go for it. At the time of weigh in I was 251 pounds and had a goal of 225lbs by the end of the 6 weeks. My only concern was that I wanted to ensure the weight I would be losing would be fat and not muscle, as I wanted to keep some of my size.

I was given an extensive packet on the program with many resources to help me succeed. I was also encouraged by the team at South Valley to consider this a “Lifestyle Change” instead of a diet. I began the program and used the resources given to start my journey. Like with all changes, the weight started falling off pounds at a time but something was different this time… I actually had more energy and felt amazing. I was sleeping better and able to train harder than I had in a long time.

I was given 3 injections per week to help with my energy and ensure my body would eat my fat and not my muscle. This in addition to taking a daily dose of Phentermine to help curve my appetite, a solid workout plan and balanced diet made things seem effortless at times. The best part was seeing my family, friends and teammates in shock of how quickly I was getting back into shape and all the compliments that came with that.

There was only one point where I became discouraged. I went into the clinic for my weekly assessment and found that I had not lost any weight in that 7 day period. This came after a hard week of training and not one ounce of cheating the diet plan. I insisted there must be something wrong and wanted further assessment. With no hesitation at all they did another body composition test which showed that I had gained over 5lbs of pure muscle. From there I was hooked and bought in 100% to the lifestyle change.

Through hard work, determination and the total support from the team at South Valley I completed my 25lb weight loss goal in 5 weeks rather than 6. I continued on with my training and by the 7 week mark I was at 220lbs and in the best shape I had been in since graduating the police academy. I continue to train today and follow the guidelines that were given to me day 1 of the program. I’m happy to report that I have not gained any of the fat back that I had lost and maintain my weight around 220 pounds and gain more muscle every week.

As you can see in the before and after pictures, I have taken inches off of all those trouble areas like my stomach and thighs but I did not sacrifice any of my muscle mass to do so.

Just some fun numbers to report along with my weight loss…

PT Test Prior to 6 Week Program

PT Test After 6 Week Program

1.5 Mile run 15:07 1.5 mile run 13:16
63 Consecutive Pushups 79 Consecutive Pushups
59 Situps in under 2 Minutes 72 Situps in Under 2 Minutes
2 Pullups 11 Pullups
365lb Max Bench Press 335lb Max Bench Press

The numbers speak for themselves and it goes without saying that I would recommend this program and the professionals at South Valley OrthoMed to help with any of your lifestyle change goals. I couldn’t have done what I did without them and am thankful for their kindness, support and unbelievable dedication to me as their patient and friend.