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Trigger Point Injections

Our Orthopedic Stem Cell treatments are designed to relieve joint pain and rebuild damaged tissue without resorting to surgery. It is also a salvage option for less-than-successful​ …

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Our Orthopedic Stem Cell treatments are designed to relieve joint pain and rebuild damaged tissue without resorting to surgery. It is also a salvage option for less-than-successful​ …

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What Our Patients Think

Steve Waite

Dr. Sonnenberg and his staff are amazing. They have a state of the art facility and years of experience that you can't get anywhere else. I'm working with them on some weight loss goals and have referred friends in need of stem cell therapy.

June 2018

Jacob Wooten

Dr. Sonnenburg is kind, knowledgeable, and had everything I needed to fully diagnose and help me recover from a broken hand. The staff was prompt and great and I recommend South Valley OrthoMed to anyone with a hand, elbow, or shoulder need. Don't wait, get things taken care of sooner so it doesn't limit your living.

April 2019

Nina Thomas

There is NO one better than Janee! I leave feeling beautiful and refreshed! Awesome place, great staff!

February 2020

Mystie Moffat

I have been treated here for several treatments from Skin, weight loss and IV vitamin therapy. The staff is the most delightful, caring and attentive to your needs and questions. I couldn't be more pleased and satisfied with all the services I have had. I have recommended them to all my clients, family and friends and I am relieved I have finally found a place that can help me improve my health all under one building! Thank you!

March 2018

Larry Coet

Dr Sonnenberg is extremely informative, knowledgable, and experienced. As he performs the regenerative process he explains each each step clearly. His bedside manner was impeccable. Thank you Dr Sonnenberg!

January 2020

Laura Strickland

I've been going to a different place for fillers and Dysport ... I'm sad to say they gave me some misinformation about some products they used on me, resulting in more expense and much shorter lasting results. I came here and Janaee used Xena on my smoker lines and frown lines and some filler. The results are just incredible. Her knowledge and honesty put me at ease and she easily took 10 years off my appearance with her expertise for half the cost of what I paid at the other place.

March 2020

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